• Cloud Services
    Optimize your business process efficiency and flexibility with a move to AfricaOnline’s cloud services.
    • Virtual Private Servers

      Combines essential hardware and computing resources for your business into a unified virtualized unit that sits securely behind a private firewall

      • Increase reliability
      • Gain total control of the server
      • Scale resources instantly
      • Cost savings

    • Disaster Recovery

      Keep your business up and running, whatever happens…

      • Automatically mirror your business's vital data
      • Recover your server fully after any disaster so that you're up and running in no time
      • Prevents data loss from unplanned disasters and theft

  • Connectivity
    A better connection to the internet can radically improve your speed, and how much you can download.
    • Dedicated

      Radically transform the way your organization uses technology to work and communicate.

      • Equal upload and download speeds
      • Suitable for real time high definition multimedia services
      • Most stable high quality connection
      • Dedicated and not shared with others
      • Highest levels of uptime and performance available
      • Unlimited bandwidth with no caps

      Our tip: Expensive but works like a bomb. The Rolls Royce of internet connections.

    • Broadband

      This is a best effort service delivered via copper, satellite, fiber or wireless.

      • Shared service and comes with no guarantees
      • Comes with hard capping with top up options or soft cap with a fair usage policy.
      • Loads of choice and less expensive

      Our tip: Careful when the ISP say’s it’s uncapped because it really isn’t.

    • VSAT

      This is an internet connection from a satellite way up in the sky.

      • Shared service with flexibility in terms of features and benefits
      • 100% coverage in Namibia
      • Internet anywhere, great for areas where there is limited or no infrastructure

      Our tip: Bypasses the local infrastructure which is a big bonus #justsaying

  • Email
    Business is built on email. Make sure your email builds your business and keeps it up there with the best.
    • AfricaOnline Hosted Exchange

      Fully supported mobility, security and storage bundle for your electronic mail.

      • Access and manage your mail from multiple places
      • Hosted locally
      • Protect your network from viruses and spam
      • Save on bandwidth costs
      • No upfront set up costs or annual license fees
      • Integration with mobile devices

    • Microsoft Office 365

      Designed for modern businesses, Office 365 lets your business operate freely and securely, with all the Microsoft products you already know and trust.

      • Online hosted business-class email and calendar sharing application
      • Choose the mail box size that suits you best
      • Use your own company or private domain to send emails
      • Enterprise anti-spam and anti-malware protection
      • Shared contacts and calendars on all devices
      • Familiar access to tasks and contacts across PCs, the web and mobile devices

  • Security
    Your network and email are among your most valuable assets. You must be able to protect your assets.
    • Firewall

      • Protect your network and workstations against viruses, spam and malware
      • Manage your users, manage your network
      • Real-time monitoring gives you critical insight into your network
      • A single point of entry and exit to the internet means increased security and control, both external and internal

    • Anti-Virus

      • Virus protection against ransomware and malware
      • Difference between life and death of your PC
      • Offers peace of mind

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